Crime Victim Services Feedback Form

This form is for those crime victims who have received services through the RCAO CVS program.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. It will assist us in providing the best services possible to victims of crime.

I received a Crime Victim’s Rights brochure?
I received written information on the criminal charges?
I received forms and information regarding the opportunity to apply for restitution and write a victim impact statement?
The Victim Services Coordinator answered my questions and addressed my concerns?
I was informed by letter, phone call, or email about proceedings, hearings or changes for my case throughout the court process?
I received information on any plea agreements offered in a timely manner?
I felt that my voice was heard throughout this process?
I received appropriate referrals for further services as needed?
If you were required to testify and met with the prosecutor and Victim Services Coordinator, did you feel as though you were adequately prepared for trial?
I received information on how to obtain post-conviction information?
Overall how satisfied are you with the quality of service you received from the Crime Victim Services Coordinator?
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