Board meetings will be held the first and third Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise stated.  Bills will be paid at both meetings.

Generally the first Tuesday of the month is designated for Environmental and Highway. The third Tuesday of the month is designated for Sheriff.

Work Sessions will be held as necessary, and will take place in the afternoon of a regular meeting date.

District 1

Rick WakefieldRick Wakefield Photo
P.O. Box 473
Walnut Grove, MN 56180

[email protected]

Legislative Districts: 16A, 16B, 22B

Townships: Gales, Granite Rock, Johnsonville, North Hero, Springdale, Underwood, Vesta, Westline

Cities: Lucan, Milroy, Revere, Vesta, Walnut Grove

District 2

Jim SalferJim Salfer Photo
865 Pine St.  P.O. Box 183
Wabasso, MN  56293

[email protected]

Legislative Districts: 16B, 22B

Townships: Charlestown, Lamberton, New Avon, Vail, Waterbury, Willow Lake

Cities: Lamberton, Sanborn, Wabasso, Wanda

District 3

Dennis GroebnerDennis Groebner Photo
250 Center Street
Clements, MN  56224

[email protected]

Legislative District: 16B

Townships: Brookville, Honner, Morgan, Paxton, Sherman, Sundown and Three Lakes

Cities: Clements, Morgan, Lower Sioux Community

District 4

Robert Van HeeRobert (Bob) Van Hee Photo
503 Fallwood Road
Redwood Falls, MN  56283

[email protected]

Legislative District: 16B

Location: Ward 2 and Ward 3 of the City of Redwood Falls

District 5

Dave ForkrudDave Forkrud Photo
314 Hibbard Avenue
Belview, MN  56214

[email protected]

Legislative District: 16B

Townships: Delhi, Kintire, Redwood Falls, Sheridan, Swedes Forest

Cities: Ward 1 of the City of Redwood Falls, Belview, Delhi, Seaforth

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