Administrator’s Office(507) 637-4016[email protected]
Assessor’s Office(507) 637-4008[email protected]
Auditor-Treasurer’s Office(507) 637-4013[email protected]
Children's Advocacy Center(507) 637-1397[email protected]
County Attorney’s Office(507) 637-4010please call
Court Administration Office(507) 637-4018[email protected]
Economic Development Office(507) 637-1122[email protected]
Emergency Management Office(507) 637-4035[email protected]
Environmental Office(507) 637-4023[email protected]
Extension Office(507) 637-4025[email protected]
Highway Department Office(507) 637-4056[email protected]
Human Services Office(507) 637-6095[email protected]
License Center(507) 637-4029[email protected]
Probation Office(507) 637-4047please call
Public Health Office(507) 637-4041[email protected]
Recorder’s Office(507) 637-4032[email protected]
Redwood-Renville Recycling Office(507) 637-1800[email protected]
Restorative Justice Office(507) 637-1139[email protected]
(507) 637-1142[email protected]
Sheriff’s Office(507) 637-4036[email protected]
Veteran Service Office(507) 637-4034[email protected]
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