Grievances or Violations of Crime Victim Rights

Have your rights been violated?

Victims in Minnesota have statutory rights regarding notification, participation, compensation, and protection.

Victims who feel their crime victim rights have been violated or they have been mistreated by a member or entity of the criminal justice system can contact the Crime Victim Justice Unit.

Crime Victim Justice Unit (CVJU)

The CVJU investigates complaints from victims about statutory rights violations and victim mistreatment. The office develops informational materials for both crime victims and criminal justice professionals, and initiates and assists in legislative proposals related to crime victims. The CVJU provides both informal assistance to crime victims and conducts formal investigations, the result of which includes determinations on each complaint accompanied by recommendations to ameliorate the harm done to the victim and improve procedures to prevent similar problems in the future.

The CVJU is a part of the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs under the Department of Public Safety.

To report grievances or victim rights violations contact:

Crime Victim Justice Unit
45 Minnesota St. Suite 2300
St. Paul, MN 55101
[email protected]

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