2023 Building Permit Reminders

Building Permit Reminder

June 2023

Construction season is here and the Redwood County Environmental Office would like to remind you, before you begin a building project, to obtain the proper permit. Permits for construction are typically required by the city where the property is located, or by the County if outside of city limits. For projects outside of city limits, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Typically, County permits are applied for and obtained by the landowner, rather than the Contractor, as the County permit requires the landowner’s signature. This is true even when the Contractor submits the application.
• All buildings and structures larger than 100 square feet in footprint area require a permit.
• Fences, signs, decks, and concrete slabs require a permit.
• Particular activities may require a special permit. This includes, but is not limited to, feedlots, commercial uses, and industrial uses.
• Permits are required to construct a new structure, add onto an existing structure, move a structure, or rebuild a structure in the same location. Permits are not required for internal remodeling, replacement of windows and doors, roofing and siding, or refacing an existing advertising or business sign.
• Permit fees are based on project cost, with a base fee of $40. There are no fees for deck and slab permits.
• County permits are valid for one year after being issued.
• Property owners within two miles of Redwood Falls, or in Paxton Township, may also need to obtain a building permit from the City or Township.

Construction permits are necessary to verify the proposed structure will meet required building setbacks (from roads, water bodies, County ditches, and tile, property lines, septic systems, wells, etc.) and ensure the proposed use is permitted in the zoning district of the construction project. If your property is located inside any of the 15 incorporated municipalities in the County, Lower Sioux Community, Paxton Township, or within 2 miles of the city of Redwood Falls, you will want to reach your respective jurisdiction to identify what permit is required.

Contact us!  We are happy to help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have!

Nick Brozek, Environmental Director
Phone: (507) 637-4023    Email: [email protected]
Visit us at the Redwood County Government Center at 403 South Mill Street, Redwood Falls
More information can be found on our website!

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