Community dedication to providing safety

The Redwood County Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Minnesota County Attorneys Association (MCAA) and Zero Abuse Project (ZAP) hosted a training at the Redwood Area Community Center on March 24 and 25. ZAP is a national organization that is dedicated to protecting children from abuse and sexual assault.

About 30 area professionals (law enforcement, social workers, prosecutors and victim advocates) attended the training. The training was presented by Victor Vieth, Chief Program Officer, Education and Research of the Zero Abuse Project, and Kathleen Nolan, Senior Attorney with Zero Abuse Project, who provided the best practices in collecting evidence, interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects, and preparing a courtroom case.

The MCAA is a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization where all members are valued and respected. It is their mission to improve the quality of justice in the state of Minnesota by providing leadership on legal and public policy issues related to the duties of county attorneys. The ZAP organization is committed to transforming institutions in order to effectively prevent, recognize, and respond to child sexual abuse. Their goal is to eliminate child sexual abuse in all of its forms.

“When MCAA inquired about the interest of any County Attorney offices hosting a training presented by ZAP, I jumped at the chance,” said Redwood County Attorney, Jenna Peterson. “We are beyond fortunate to already have a group of professionals from across the justice system here in Redwood County that are dedicated to a comprehensive, team approach in investigating, prosecuting, and protecting children from abuse.”

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