Gold Mine Bridge Restrictions

Update: As of 5/10/2023 Goldmine bridge is closed to through traffic.

The CSAH 17 Bridge, also known as the Gold Mine Bridge is an old, narrow, weight posted truss bridge.  It has been reported heavy truck traffic exceeding the weight limit, including loaded semis, have been using this bridge.  This represents a significant safety hazard to the overweight vehicles and threatens the integrity of the bridge.  Even though the bridge is in good condition for its age, State and Federal funding will likely not be available to replace the bridge due to its historic nature and distance to the river crossings.

To protect public safety, preserve the life of the bridge and to mitigate the danger the following restrictions have been implemented: a 5 ton maximum total weight per vehicle and a speed limit of 10 mph.  Motorists can expect to see appropriate displays around the bridge.

For a complete list of Redwood County Highway projects, along with road closures, the public is encouraged to visit or call the Highway Department at (507) 637-4056.

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