Winter Weather Road Closures

Road Closures

Closures of state roads are made by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) based on available information.

Note that there is no way every road can be monitored or reported upon for changing severity.

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Redwood County Public Safety Alerts

The Redwood County Sheriff's Office invites you to enroll in public safety alerts specific to Redwood County! Text keyword "REDWOOD" to 99411 to sign up today.

These alerts can be received via text, email, live call, or through telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD). You determine your preferences while signing up, which generally takes under 5 minutes!

Alerts will be launched by the Redwood County Sheriff's Office to provide notice of critical events such as severe weather, emergency preparedness, evacuation notices, criminal activity, etc. in the area.

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Road Closure Gates

There are gate arms in some areas of MN. These are activated manually and are used to support closures during emergencies, traffic incidents and weather.  Roads still may be closed without the gate arm being lowered. Do not rely on a physical barrier to warn you of poor or impassable roadways. Get updates from the radio or other sources about closures.

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SMS Messages About Closures

Wireless Emergency Alerts: This is a short message to your cell phone which looks like a text message and has a unique ringtone. Unlike texts which are sent directly to your phone number, these warnings are broadcast to all phones within range of designated cell towers. The alerts will tell you type of warning, affected area and duration.

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